Business Strategy

Group Vision

Our core business is an integrated service group that provides financial services which grows with our community. We strive for excellent customer experience by supporting our customers' financial and non-financial business needs.

The Four Group Strategies

The basic policy of our mediuim-term policy is to further improve the Group's governance, and to realize the Group's vision by implementing the Four Group Strategies

Create Value & Innovation Create Value & Innovation

The basic policy of the medium-term business plan

"to further improve the Group's governance"

Group Governance

  • formulating group-wide strategies and monitoring the implementation status for each company within the Group
  • speeding up the implementation of each company's business activities by transfereing authority to the companies

Group Synergy

  • building a one-stop platform to provide various services
  • open innovation through cooperation and collaboration with external companies

Risk Governance

  • establishing a group-wide risk management system
  • continuing to strengthen cyber security measures


  • implementing principles-based compliance
  • continuing to strengthen measures to prevent money laundring and terrorist financing

Target Business Indicators

FY 2020 FY 2023
Consolidated net income 5.2 billion yen 6 billion yen
Consolidate ROE 3.46% Approx. 4%
Consolidate OHR 71.4% Approx. 70%
Consolidate capital adequacy ratio 10.95% Approx. 10%

*Consolidated ROE is based on shareholders' equity.

Dividend Policy

Given the public nature of our business as a financial services company, our basic policy for the appropriation of surplus funds is to strengthen our management structure and to maintain a stable payment dividends.

Ordinary Dividend

We aim to pay an annual ordinary dividend of ¥70 per share, regardless of business performance.

Performance-linked Dividend

We will consider paying a special dividend if the consolidated net income for the fiscal year exceeds @ billion yen.

Total return ratio

The total amout of to be paid out to shareholders is expected to be 30% of the consolidated net income for the fiscal year.

Management Policy