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Okinawa Financial Group's
Masayasu Yamashiro

President Masayasu Yamashiro

First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for everyone for their continued support of our group.

We have been contributing to the development of the local economy and building a solid business foundation by providing various financial services, including services that serve as financial intermediaries, by demonstrating the Group's collective strength through cooperation among group companies under our business philosophy of "growing together with the community."

The environment surrounding local financial institutions is becoming more uncertain due to the COVID-19 pandemic making an impact on economic activities, all the while dealing with the concerns of a shrinking local economy due to the declining birthrate and aging population. In addition to increased competition among financial institutions brought on by the easing of monetary policies, we believe that competition is expected to become even more intense as other different industries enter the financial sector with the proliferation of ICT.

As the social structure and competitive environment changes, we feel that the role of local financial institutions will continue to grow. We recognize that there is a need to support business activities that contribute to the revitalization of the local economy. We believe that we should not only contribute to the revitalization of the economy through the improvement of overall economic strength and supply funds that aim to facilitate finance, but also expand the scope of our business by making use of our consultation services. We have decided to make the evolutionary step to a new Group management structure with the Okinawa Financial group as the holding company, to respond to all our customers’ needs accurately and flexibly, to drive the sustainable growth of local communities as a corporate group rooted in Okinawa, and to become a business that energizes the islands.

The Group’s brand slogan is “Create Value & Innovation - creating new ideas for Okinawa, together,” so we are eager to stand with our customers, to exceed their expectations and to enhance the value of the local economy. Furthermore, as a comprehensive service group with finance at its core, we are committed to solving local issues with our service capabilities that go beyond the framework of finance, aiming to enhance the value of local communities and achieve sustainable growth for the Group. For the Group to earn all our stakeholders’ support, our officers and employees are determined to make further efforts to breathe new life into people’s lives and to their future with the motto “creating new ideas for Okinawa, together.”

Thank you for your continued support.We look forward to make a long-term relationship.

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